Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Human Rights Major @ UConn

The University of Connecticut and its Human Rights Institute & College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have announced that a new undergraduate major in human rights will begin in May 2012. CIRI is very proud to be affiliated with these institutions and with this new interdisciplinary major, and encourages anyone thinking about an education in human rights to check it out.

Read the full story in CLAS Today HERE.

For those interested in graduate studies in human rights, the Human Rights Institute at UConn already offers a graduate certificate in human rights, and  many PhD-granting departments such as political science, history, English, anthropology, and economics have many top scholars in the field of human rights who participate in this program (as well as will be participating in the new undergraduate major).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA Statement

CIRI will not be joining Wikipedia in blacking out its web presence in protest of SOPA. While opposing censorship in any form as a clear human rights violation, we feel it in the best interest of our core mission to stay online and continue to make available our ratings of government respect for human rights across the world.

That said, we provide  -- in solidarity--  the following link to an Electronic Frontier Foundation analysis of how SOPA would likely constitute a violation of fundamental principles of freedom of speech:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Follow CIRI on Twitter

You can now also follow CIRI on Twitter at @humanrightsdata 

Follow along as CIRI begins a new year and begins to produce its data about human rights respect in 2011.  This year, also look for more CIRI-produced reports using these data.

Also on Twitter are:

CIRI Co-Director: David L. Richards  @D_L_Richards

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